Research Projects

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Vor dem Hintergrund steigender Komplexität der Bauprojekte und höheren Kommunikationsanforderungen zeichnet sich ein zunehmender Bedarf an verständlichen, realitätsnahen und bedarfsgerechten Bauwerksvisualisierungen ab. Durch die BIM-Methode ergeben sich nun für Visualisierung ganz neue Möglichkeiten. Allerdings bestehen für die nötigen Prozessschritte, Schnittstellen, Ausprägungen und Qualitäten der Visualisierungen bisher weder Definitionen noch Standards... mehr...



This research project provides a generally applicable guideline in which a holistic BIM strategy is manifested for all builders and operators of future hospital projects. The developed BIM strategy is based on a concrete analysis of strategic goals of different parties involved in the... more...

  Flowing concrete

Climate-neutral concrete

Sustainability is increasingly gaining importance in public and political spheres. In realization of the Paris climate protection goals, the construction industry plays a decisive role. The "Climate-neutral Concrete" project aims to address this issue by developing and evaluating possible measures to reduce the environmental impact of ready-mixed concrete. more...

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The acceptance and use of building-integrated photovoltaic systems is to be increased by optimizing life cycle from design to installation and operation by using the digital method Building Information Modeling. The project, which is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy with approximately 2.4 million Euro, is ... more...

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BIM for Federal Buildings

The BIM Master Plan for Federal Buildings describes step-by-step implementation and application of the digital working method, taking into account organizational, legal and technological constraints in federal construction. more...



As part of digiKOM, funded by the state of Lower Saxony, the possibilities of increased digitalization of administrative files and processes in connection with examination and approval of building permits are being investigated at the state level. Aim of the research project is... more...

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Goal is preventive, long-term monitoring of bridge structures, which reduces maintenance and repair costs while increasing operational safety and reliability. Plant managers of bridge structures, structure inspectors, BIM designers / users and monitoring specialists are investigating in this project necessary methods and processes for... more...



Development of a guideline for regulation and facilitation of room module construction as a supplementary building code instrument under the premise of promoting affordable housing.


Further ongoing projects

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Integral warranty management Schiffers Bauconsult Tim Kreis