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Fusion of machine and geodata in digital twins of infrastructure objects and their surroundings for recording, planning, construction, operation and maintenance.

Work that occurs during the life cycle of infrastructure objects requires a reliable data basis. Public authorities provide a wide range of (geo)data for this purpose. The challenge is to develop suitable additional data sources, to use them to raise the quality of official data (topicality, area coverage, detail, accuracy, semantics) to a suitable level, and to integrate the result into work processes in such a way that it can be used for recording, planning, construction, operation and maintenance.

The Off-Highway-Twins 2 project is therefore investigating over a period of three years how environmental data can be derived on the basis of digital twins of mobile working machines and transferred into cloud data services. The Off-Highway-Twins 2 project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Digital Affairs and Transport as part of the mFUND innovation initiative. Three institutes of RWTH Aachen University and five companies from the region have joined forces to investigate this issue in practice. These project partners are, in detail, the Institutes for Fluid Power Drives and Systems (ifas), for Human-Machine Interaction (MMI), for Construction Management, Digital Construction and Robotics in Construction (ICoM) of RWTH Aachen University and the companies STRABAG AG, albert.Ing GmbH, FLUIDON Gesellschaft für Fluidtechnik mbH, Meastream GmbH, and IQstruct Engineering GmbH.

Project objective

By fusing (geo)data from the cloud with sensor and telemetry data from machines/vehicles, current, area-wide, detailed, accurate, semantic models of infrastructure objects and their surroundings, the off-highway twins, are to be derived in real time by means of modelling, sensor data fusion and artificial intelligence, kept up-to-date over the entire life cycle of the corresponding infrastructure objects and integrated into established and new work processes.


*** Fakten zum Projekt ***

  1. Project: OHT2 | Off Highway-Twins-2
  2. Topic: Investigation of how environmental data can be derived based on digital twins of mobile machines and transferred to cloud data services.
  3. Project duration: 36 months (12.2022 - 11.2025)
  4. Funder: mFUND
  5. Project partner:  
    ICoM - Institut für Baumanagement, Digitales Bauen und Robotik im Bauwesen, RWTH-Aachen
    ifas - Institut für fluidtechnische Antriebe und Systeme, RWTH-Aachen
    MMI - Institut für Mensch-Maschine-Interaktion, RWTH-Aachen
    albert.Ing GmbH
    FLUIDON Gesellschaft für Fluidtechnik mbH
    Meastream GmbH
    IQstruct Engineering GmbH
  6. Project leader: Mohammed Zoghian