air-Kon-Matrizen | Development of digital models for hollow chamber foundations


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Project start for the development of digital models of resource-saving cavity matrices

Aim of the project "air-Kon-Matrices" is the development of custom-made, inflatable hollow-clamp matrices that are inserted into the formwork of foundations between the reinforcement layers. They displace the concrete in places where it is not needed for the load-bearing capacity.

fischerwerke GmbH & Co. KG is in charge of this project. The sub-goal of the ICoM - Institute for Construction Management, Digital Engineering and Robotics in Construction at the RWTH Aachen University is the development of digital models for the hollow chamber foundations, which are to be used for partially automated production and for on-site use for the assembly of the hollow matrices should serve. In order to support and implement the semi-automated production of the hollow chamber matrices, ICoM is developing a generic BIM-capable object catalog and a process model. The latter describes the information requirements for planning, production and assembly as well as the boundary conditions and responsibilities of the collaboration of the actors involved. On the basis of the developed digital models, individual assembly instructions for the hollow chamber matrices are to be developed and visualized using suitable methods of virtual and augmented reality and made usable onsite.

The ICoM of the RWTH Aachen works together with the partners to develop a standardized BIM object and component catalog for hollow chamber matrices. In this context, a LOD concept is also created. At the same time, the planning and value creation process is analyzed in order to derive a collaborative process model. This is mapped in BPMN notation. In addition, the ICoM is developing an open-system and BIM-based IFC standard interface for data transfer from the digital model to the automated production of hollow chamber matrices. In addition the ICoM pursues the goal of creating individual assembly lines for hollow chamber matrices. In a first step execution-related activities are identified and presented in a VR simulation.


Facts about the project

  1. Project: airKONmatrizen
  2. Topic: Development of digital models of resource-saving cavity matrices
  3. Project duration: 04/01/2022 to 03/31/2025 (3 Years)
  4. Funder: Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection
  5. Project partner: 
    fischerwerke GmbH & Co.KG (in charge)
    Unidome Deutschland GmbH
    Hochschule Bochum 
    Ruhruniversität Bochum
    ICoM - Institute for Construction Management, Digital Engineering and Robotics in Construction of RWTH-Aachen University
  6. Project leader: fischerwerke GmbH & Co.KG, Dr.-Ing. Annika Lipski
  7. Contact person ICoM: Timothy König