Donald Wilson Lako Ngueudjui

Research Assistant


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Digitization is fundamentally changing collaboration in construction projects. Due to increased demands on communication with the project participants and the public, as well as due to the increase in complexity in the projects, building visualizations are increasingly coming into focus. In more and more projects, especially on the client side, visualizations for user votes and for participatory public relations are desired. At the same time the increasing digitization also gives rise to technical possibilities for visualization of buildings that were previously not possible or not possible in a cost-effective manner.

In conventional projects, complex visualizations are created photo-realistically from certain perspectives by manually constructing and enriching three-dimensional views based on the existing 2D floor plans and sections. The BIM method now opens up completely new possibilities for visualization. The object-based, three-dimensional BIM models contain various semantic information, such as material properties. Based on this, visualizations can now be created more efficiently and for different output media. However, there are currently no definitions or standards for the necessary process steps, interfaces, characteristics and qualities of the visualizations. Currently it is often difficult for advertisers to select the appropriate quality of visualizations, to formulate them precisely and to estimate the effort properly.

In this research project, a standardized Level of Visualization (LoV) is to be developed, taking into account existing definitions of LOIN/LOD. In addition, recommendations are made for suitable qualities of visualization for various applications. The results are published in a practice-oriented, easily understandable guide. This guide, together with the developed LoV, should act as a handout for builders and contractors and can be used as a basis in the context of tendering and awarding of visualization services as well as the description and calculation of services.